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Welcome to TILLEY FARM

Tilley Farm is a ninety acre property on the outskirts of Bath. It is a sanctuary for our rescued horses, ponies and donkeys and home to Animal Centred Education. The farm was purchased in 2001 and has evolved over the years to become a haven for wildlife and a peaceful learning environment for animals, and humans.

We run Animal Centred Education (ACE) courses and workshops for members of the public and those already working in the fields of animal welfare, wellbeing, behaviour and training.

  Tilley Farm is only open to visitors by prior arrangement.

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Animal Centred Education

Animal Centred Education (ACE) is an integrated approach to animal education and welfare, combining methods that were developed at Tilley Farm by Sarah Fisher such as ACE Free Work, and techniques inspired by animals and other professionals.

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We run ACE in-person workshops at Tilley Farm taught by Sarah Fisher and other professionals working in the fields of animal behaviour and education.

We also offer online courses taught by ACE Instructors and ACE Advanced Tutors.

A full list of ACE courses with Sarah Fisher, and workshops taught by ACE Instructors and ACE Tutors can be found on Current Events below.

Current Events

Tellington TTouch

Mindful contact can help to highlight areas of touch sensitivity and give animals new, safe and rewarding experiences when handled in all aspects of their life.

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