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Thu-18-07-2024 to Fri-19-07-2024
10.00am - 5.00pm

An ACE Free Work two day practical workshop with Matt Donovan and Tamara Getter from South West Dog Skills.

Free Work is a core element of ACE (Animal Centred Education), Free Work can bring peace and calmness to dogs.
Free Work not only gives you valuable information about your dog, it also helps improve and strengthen your partnership, helping you to fully understand their wants, needs and desires, surprises often await.

Free Work helps provide a rewarding education for your dog and gives you ideas of how to embed intrinsically motivating and rewarding actions and behaviours into their every day life.

You are welcome to bring a dog but you can also attend without.

ACE credits can be awarded.

Two daysTilley Farm
Timsbury Road
Matt Donovan
Advanced Tutor

Tamara Getter
Advanced Tutor



Please visit the South West Dog Skills website for booking information, or email Matt or Tam at South West Dog Skills.